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Radiant Credit Union New Lake City Store

Scorpio's partnership with Radiant Credit Union continues with the construction of a brand new store in Lake City.

City of Tavares Public Works Operations Center

The City of Tavares will construct a regional workforce training and innovation center and Public Works Operations Center.

Alachua County Fire Rescue New Fire Station #80

With growth comes the need for services. Additional fire stations offer increased access to emergency responders and reduced response times.

UF Historic Peabody Hall – Dean of Students Renovation

  • Project Owner: University of Florida
  • Location: Gainesville, FL
  • Completion Date: June 2022
  • Project Size: 13,000
  • Partners: Rowe Architects

UF Historic Peabody Hall - Dean of Students Renovation

Housed in historic Peabody Hall, the University of Florida Dean of Students Office is committed to creating a culture of care for students, their families, faculty, and staff by providing programs and services designed to enhance students’ academic and personal success.

Peabody Hall is one of the oldest buildings on campus and is on the National Register of Historic Places and part of the University of Florida’s Historic Campus District. Located at the heart of the University of Florida campus, this project consisted of the complete renovation of the second floor and the north half of the third floor of historic Peabody Hall. The renovations complied with best practices for historic buildings & LEED incorporation while creating a “new” space for students, faculty, and staff.

The project included redesigning the second-floor and partial third-floor plan to accommodate Dean of Students programs, provide up-to-date ADA access, and a new reception area with secure access to staff totaling approximately 13,100 sf. The renovation included offices, conference rooms, code-compliant restrooms, a break room, and mechanical systems support. The project incorporated close attention to acoustics, from noise reduction wall systems and ceilings to acoustically rated glazing and seals. Architectural elements and details included bringing the historic wall system construction as part of wall finishes inside conference room areas.