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City of Groveland Elese Tomlin Empowerment Center

  • Project Owner: City of Groveland
  • Location: Groveland, FL
  • Project Size: 4,000
  • Partners: Walker Architects

Walker Architects have developed an early Empowerment Center building design concept that pulls from a hybrid of traditional Florida vernacular styles, including Florida Cracker, Craftsman, Colonial and southern Victorian.

The Main Entry to the Empowerment Center serves not only as the building’s focal point, but also as a prominent and visual landmark to the surrounding city blocks. Exposed structural elements are feature components in our design. Close attention to proportions, distribution of claddings and subtle detailing help the new Empowerment Center to reference other Groveland structures, while remaining prominent within its surroundings.

The Empowerment Center interior features multiple zones which provide varying degrees of access to administrative staff and citizens. The entryway encourages visitors to enter a public foyer area that leads to heavily-trafficked zones like the small business incubator hub, game room/library, and computer labs. More private administrative offices and meeting rooms are accessed from secured corridors that span the length of the building.