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Scorpio Expands Ownership and Elevates Services in Jacksonville and Orlando Communities

Scorpio Corporation today announced the appointment of five new business partners and two new locations, one in Jacksonville and one in Orlando. These changes are part of a five-year growth strategy to bring community-centered construction principles beyond their Gainesville beginnings. The five new partners – Don Kellogg, Erik Anderson, Aaron Rogers, Jessica MacLaren, and Chris Gregory – are all team leaders at the Gainesville office.

“This is a necessary step in our company,” said Scorpio President and CEO Domenic Scorpio. “We seek to elevate communities through the buildings we make. We also seek to build people by investing in their personal and professional growth, and the Gainesville leadership team has grown tremendously. They have earned this opportunity and have embraced the responsibilities of business ownership. It is time their accomplishments are recognized. ”

In addition to the new partnerships, Scorpio opened two new locations – one in Jacksonville, led by Ryan Taylor, and one in Orlando, led by Mike Bruno. “Our vision is to have no city without abundant life,” said Domenic. “In alignment with our vision for growth we’ve experienced a great deal of success delivering quality construction services in Jacksonville and Orlando over the past couple of years. The decision was made to have a permanent presence in these regions. To do so, it was necessary to expand the leadership team with individuals who embrace our vision and processes, and who have developed key relationships in these regions. We found that in Ryan and Mike.”

Scorpio started in 2013 when Domenic and Holly Scorpio, along with a core group of dedicated construction professionals, decided to pursue their passion for building and their shared philosophy of people-focused, community-centered construction. This commitment to the community is evident in the projects Scorpio pursues.

Scorpio strives for a holistic approach that enriches the community in “head, heart, and soul.” This translates to Scorpio actively pursuing projects in three main sectors: Education, Health, and Civic. “Building spaces that shelter, educate, strengthen, and inspire people allows Scorpio to grow and helps others do the same,” said Domenic. Scorpio also promotes leadership in community organizations with board or committee involvement, volunteer work, and hands-on participation.

“We give, because we have been given much,” said Domenic. “Therefore, we actively seek to support organizations financially and with our time. It is our commitment to community that allows us to grow, and that growth allows us to give back more to the communities we serve. This approach and dedication to people is what makes us unique. No brick out of place. No building without purpose. No community without beauty. No city without abundant life.”

By expanding business ownership and opening locations in new cities, Scorpio aims to bring this community-centered approach into other areas of Florida, building people and enriching communities. “We are here to build people,” said Domenic. “By expanding beyond Gainesville, we’re able to create growth opportunities for the younger generation in our company to grow into new positions and regions as well.”