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Radiant Credit Union New Store & Branch Renovations

Scorpio assists SunState Federal Credit Union as they rebrand to Radiant Credit Union following a conversion from a federal to state charter.

Gainesville Airport Hangar Improvements and Rehabilitation

Improvement and preservation of up to 9 steel hangar buildings as well as replacing a portable office building with a new 1,500 s.f. unit.

UF Southwest Campus Transportation Improvement

The Campus Transportation Improvement Project proposes multiple roadway and utility improvements in the SW area of the UF campus.

Hiring Senior Estimator

Build People Scorpio is seeking an experienced Senior Estimator, chief or senior level, with an entrepreneurial work ethic motivated by results-based compensation and bonuses (reflective of experience level) positioned in Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville markets. This position demands accountability for producing detailed, accurate estimates and offers opportunities for leadership in…

Topping Out for the Howard Bishop Hawks

On Thursday, February 4, 2021, Alachua County Public Schools celebrated the topping-out for the redesign and redevelopment of Howard Bishop Middle School. This ceremony is held to mark the point when construction on a new building reaches its highest point. The event took place on the project site with a…

Dan McDonough – Thinking Big.

How did you get started in the construction industry?

I was young when I started to look for my first job. My family owned and operated a retail store, but I knew that was not for me. I was fortunate that my uncle and cousins owned a construction company. My first job was as a laborer on a job site. I learned a lot and found I had a knack for the industry.


Tell me about your job? What does an average day look like?

I am a Project Superintendent. I work on a job site every day. My responsibilities primarily involve scheduling numerous crews in a sequence that allows us to efficiently construct a building from the underground utilities to the roof, and everything in between. My average day consists of review construction documents created by architects and engineers, coordinating between subcontractors and scheduling tasks.  I am continuously looking ahead to ensure that the materials, equipment, and people are prepared for the tasks ahead. I am also responsible for ensuring the proper safety of the site is maintained and each of the tradesmen and women, and any visitors are always properly protected.


What do you love most about your work?

I love the variety this work provides and the opportunity to be challenged by ever-changing and advancing technologies. Whether it is new materials or methods, no two projects are alike. Construction is evolving so quickly now, so it never gets boring.


What advice do you have for students considering a career in construction?

Get your education. Be flexible and learn all the different components of the industry. There are so many opportunities in this line of work, and it’s a global industry. It is almost guaranteed that wherever you want to live, or even just visit, there will be a need for those in construction. This career can provide so much for those willing to invest in themselves and embrace all it has to offer. Think big, and then do it!