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Westwood Middle School Redesign and Redevelopment

Originally built in 1951, Westwood Middle School is undergoing a complete design overhaul and transformation.

UF New Student Health Care Center

The New Student Health Care Center is a 46,000 outpatient health clinic located in the middle of UF's main campus

Alpha Phi New Sorority House at the University of Florida

Alpha Phi is building its first house for the University of Florida chapter Kappa Eta.


Scorpio is seeking an experienced Field Manager/Superintendent. The focus of this position is ensuring projects are delivered safely, with high quality, and on schedule utilizing proven processes, systems, standards, and guidelines. It also focuses on relationships with subcontractors, design and engineering consultants, and other project stakeholders. Drive, determination, and a…

Scorpio and Keystone Heights Elementary Partner to Reward Student Behavior

We all know that giving kids (and adults) positive incentives to work towards helps them grow and learn how to accomplish goals. So, when Scorpio was asked to help expand the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) program at Keystone Heights Elementary School, we jumped at the chance. Not only…

Scorpio Recognized with Community Involvement Award

Each year, the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce honors local businesses and organizations for their role in helping this region become a global hub of talent, innovation, and opportunity. These awards celebrate chamber members and recognize all the good they do in the region and around the world.    

In 2020 Team Scorpio was thrilled to be recognized as Large Business of the Year. This award was a tremendous accomplishment, and we were honored to be selected amongst a stellar group of competitors. But without question, being chosen for the Community Involvement Award in 2021 has made us even more proud.

As a community-centered construction company, what we do with and for the community is the reason we exist. It is why we come to work every day. Our mission and vision combined define our purpose,  our commitment to the communities where we live, work, and play. Community is what speaks directly to our hearts and our aspirations. That is why we hold this award, above all others, in the highest esteem.

Since our inception, Scorpio has been a member of the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce. We are actively engaged on the board and with its committees. We, along with countless others, draw tremendous benefits from this community organization and are truly humbled by this recognition.

As we approach 2022, Team Scorpio is excited to continue our work with partners dedicated to improving our communities and bringing exceptional buildings to life, for life. We want to grow our support of the people and non-profits doing incredible work. Together, we will seek to create cities with abundant life.