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Radiant Credit Union Branch Renovation

Scorpio assists SunState Federal Credit Union as they rebrand to Radiant Credit Union following a conversion from a federal to state charter.

Gainesville Airport Hangar Improvements and Rehabilitation

Improvement and preservation of up to 9 steel hangar buildings as well as replacing a portable office building with a new 1,500 s.f. unit.

UF Southwest Campus Transportation Improvement

The Campus Transportation Improvement Project proposes multiple roadway and utility improvements in the SW area of the UF campus.

Hiring Senior Estimator

Build People Scorpio is seeking an experienced Senior Estimator, chief or senior level, with an entrepreneurial work ethic motivated by results-based compensation and bonuses (reflective of experience level) positioned in Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville markets. This position demands accountability for producing detailed, accurate estimates and offers opportunities for leadership in…

Topping Out for the Howard Bishop Hawks

On Thursday, February 4, 2021, Alachua County Public Schools celebrated the topping-out for the redesign and redevelopment of Howard Bishop Middle School. This ceremony is held to mark the point when construction on a new building reaches its highest point. The event took place on the project site with a…

With Growth Comes Change

Our Why

A lot has been happening at the D.E. Scorpio Corporation over the last six months. Undeniably, these have been some of our most exciting days, coupled with some really long nights. As you may have heard, or seen, we are moving into a new office. We’ve been anticipating this move for a while now. The team has grown so we needed a home big enough to fit the whole family and feel confident that there was room to keep growing. It was obvious, a change needed to be made.

It isn’t surprising that early in the hunt for the “perfect” space we found ourselves reflecting on just how far we had come. And then, as any successful company does, we spent time envisioning what we thought we wanted our future to look like- literally. One topic that consistently muscled its way into the conversations was that we had outgrown our current look, and our messaging hadn’t evolved to the same degree our company had. It was agreed, another change needed to be made.

As the opportunity to design a space that would reflect the true culture of our organization was becoming real, so was the opportunity to do a better job of telling our story outside of our walls. Now, not only were we searching for the right space in a good location with room to grow, but we were searching for the precise images and the perfect words to better explain who we are, what we stand for, and most importantly why we do this work.

New Space

Soon after beginning our search for the perfect space we found a great building, in a terrific location, with some cool history. It was important to us to re-purpose an existing structure. Our desire was to find building with a solid foundation and strong bones that could be transformed with some creative vision. Then we took the time to plan and create a space we would all be excited to come into every day. We wanted a space that would match the collaborative nature of our work and promote and protect an environment where talent, vision and ingenuity would thrive. We started from scratch, knocking down walls, constructing work and play areas that better reflected our team, our purpose and our growth.

New Look

In the meantime, we embarked upon a similar journey with our brand. Yes, we took down some walls there too. Like our new building the bones of our brand are strong, and the history respected, but this too required a creative vision. For this one we looked beyond our walls and hired a great contractor. Many of our partners participated in this effort. They shared accounts of their interactions with our team and the impressions those made. This helped us to focus the new messaging and identity through the lens of real individual experiences. We are so grateful to all who participated. Thank you for your valuable feedback and insight.

And now, many exciting days and long nights later, it is my sincere pleasure to share with you our new look and open the doors to our new home. With this important step our commitment as industry partners is strengthened for decades to come knowing that it is here, together with our teammates that we will create lasting memories, overcome challenges and celebrate victories; everything that transforms a profession into a passion. For in the end, while a great office and a shiny new logo are certainly nice to have, for us it will always be all about people. Our people. Those we work with shoulder to shoulder every day, those who entrust us with their projects, and those who will live, work and play in the buildings we make that truly matter. People are the inspiration behind community-centered construction. People are the reason for our success and why our feet hit the floor with drive every morning. That, I can assure you, will never change. And that is why I am proud and humbled, to re-introduce you to, Scorpio.

Together, we make buildings for life.