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UF’s New Student Health Care Center

The New Student Health Care Center (SHCC) is now a UF Health outpatient health clinic located in a highly congested and trafficked area of the main campus on Stadium Road at the University of Florida. The new facility consists of approximately 46,000 sf of state-0f-the-art equipment and services.

This beautiful new facility houses all previous functions of the previous Student Health Care Center (Infirmary), including primary medical and psychiatric care, pharmacy services, a women’s clinic, and various other ancillary services. The new Center now offers Sports Medicine and Acute Care, Physical Therapy, Lab, X-Ray, and  ENV Services, as well as a demonstration kitchen and a large outdoor patio overlooking the O’Connell Center. Administration, accounting, research, and marketing are now all co-located in the building as well to improve efficiency.

A collaborative design between the user groups, UF, the design team, and the construction team was a critical factor in completing this project, considering the need to pause design during COVID-19 in an effort to include an optional infectious control unit that can be isolated from the rest of the building.

This will be the first Well-Certified building on the University of Florida campus.

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