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Our Team Risk Boldly. Care Deeply.
Never Stop Growing.

Team Work

"I'm thankful to work with and be a part of a team that not only shares a passion for building our community but executes with an unsurpassed level of commitment and responsibility. Everything we do, we do as a team. Everyone plays a vital role in our success. Therefore, we will always celebrate together and support one another. While it is the work that brings us together, it is our trust in one another that bonds us as a team." - CHRIS GREGORY, PRECONSTRUCTION SERVICES DIRECTOR

At Scorpio, we love our work and work to live an integrated life.

There can be no excellence without levity, and clients stick with us because they enjoy being around our team.

We foster excellence from the ground up by hiring the brightest minds in our industry, investing in their growth, and pushing each other to expand our limits.

Domenic Scorpio
Rick Buxton
Jessica MacLaren
Don Kellogg
Aaron Rogers
Paul Shealy
Holly Scorpio
Dan McDonough
Dan McDonough
Ryan Stroh
Matthew Clark
Justin Zambelli
Josh Phillips
Chris Gregory
Andy Cowart
Andy Cowart
Logan Gertner
Troy Underhill
Tracy Koller
Maverick Mäensivu
Victoria Stoner
Nate Watson
Guillermo Cochrane
Guillermo Cochrane
Ken Brown
Miguel Hernandez
Jeff Lajza
Jenna Hollingsworth
Nathan Tribble
Michael Wosyluk
Jesse Bright
Jesse Bright
Cole Studstill
Fletcher Teague
Hunter Folsom
Daniel Wellhausen
Jason Russell
Brandon Phillips
Colleen Koeppen
Colleen Koeppen
Erik Anderson
Katie Kiester
Ryan Taylor
Tori Griffin
Thomas "TJ" Kircher
Joe Kneip
Freddy Kussel
John Thomas
John Thomas
Matt Benson
Ariana Johnson
Asa Richards
Lindsey Barber
April Prescott
Mike Bruno
Warren Loudermilk
Warren Loudermilk
Nick Panzica
Mischael Ostagne
MacKenna Turner
Connor Watson
Tyler Hacker
Marc Javier
Erik McDonald
Erik McDonald
Michael Minotti
Casie Carlisle
Evan Scruggs
Alex Navabi
David Boe
Peter Giebeig
Mari Rivera
Mari Rivera