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Radiant Credit Union New Lake City Store

Scorpio's partnership with Radiant Credit Union continues with the construction of a brand new store in Lake City.

City of Tavares Public Works Operations Center

The City of Tavares will construct a regional workforce training and innovation center and Public Works Operations Center.

Alachua County Fire Rescue New Fire Station #80

With growth comes the need for services. Additional fire stations offer increased access to emergency responders and reduced response times.

New Drummond Community Bank Building – Gainesville

  • Project Owner: Drummond Community Bank
  • Location: Gainesville FL
  • Completion Date: January 2021
  • Project Size: 12,000sf
  • Partners: Hafner Architects Inc.

Community Partner

This new three-story glass office building is located on 37th Boulevard just off Archer Road and serves as Drummond’s first free-standing bank within the city of Gainesville. The contemporary design is meant to illustrate Drummond’s commitment to transparency in banking along with their commitment to the growing client base in Gainesville.

The design of the building was meant to project the appearance of a single continuous glass wall that spanned across multiple floors. Scorpio engaged the use of the sleek, uninterrupted all-glass façades called the Clearwall® Curtain Wall System. The Clearwall Curtain Wall System is an innovative 4-sided Toggle Glazed (TG) system* that delivers the highly desired aesthetic for low-rise applications. This type of curtain wall strikes a balance of form and function through its toggle design, which reduced installation labor, simplified on-site logistics, and enhanced safety while providing superior aesthetics.

This site for this building was an undeveloped tract of land that had unique water and elevation challenges. The open site was carefully developed to preserve the adjacent wetlands and address the eight-foot elevation change. This elevation difference required the construction of a large retaining wall around two-thirds of the property. In addition to the new retaining wall and expansive parking lot with a drive-thru area, Scorpio also worked with Drummond Community Bank and the City of Gainesville to modify 37th Boulevard to improve access to the site with a new turn lane.