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Alachua County Fire Station 21

With growth comes the need for services. Additional fire stations offer increased access to emergency responders and reduced response times.

Radiant Credit Union Lake City

Scorpio's partnership with Radiant Credit Union continues with the construction of a brand new store in Lake City.

HCA Florida- North Florida Hospital CT Scan #6 Replacement

  • Project Owner: HCA Florida- North Florida Hospital
  • Location: Gainesville, FL

This interior renovation was necessary to accompany the installation of an upgraded CT Machine. Renovations included new infrastructure (floor and wall ducts) and upgraded finishes – new light fixtures, flooring. Extensive new technology was installed in the control room. This project was unique in that it needed to be completed within 12 days and ready for ACHA inspection. Scorpio utilized nonstandard working hours (16-20 hours a day) to ensure the timely delivery with a passed inspection.