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Alachua County Fire Rescue New Fire Station #80

With growth comes the need for services. Additional fire stations offer increased access to emergency responders and reduced response times.

Oak Hall School New Enrichment Center

Oak Hall School has once again partnered with Scorpio to construct a new educational facility on the Lower School campus.

UF New Student Health Care Center

The New Student Health Care Center is a 46,000 outpatient health clinic located in the middle of UF's main campus

Kappa Alpha Fraternity House Renovations

  • Project Owner: Kappa Alpha Fraternity
  • Location: Gainesville, FL
  • Completion Date: August 2022
  • Project Size: 2,969 SF
  • Partners: Monarch Design Group

Kappa Alpha Fraternity Renovations

Kappa Alpha Fraternity is undergoing a remodel to its existing fraternity house on 763 Fraternity Drive in Gainesville, Florida. After decades of serving hundreds of members, the KA House is undergoing a plan layout modification to the bedrooms on the second floor. This involves select demolition and the removal of the existing ceiling. The renovation will not only provide a vastly improved overall aesthetic, but improved storage options for residents and code compliance for fire protection and life safety. The newly imagined residence will now comfortably support generations of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity for years to come.

Kappa Alpha