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Alachua County Fire Station 80

  • Project Owner: Alachua County
  • Location: Gainesville FL
  • Project Size: 11,540
  • Partners: The Lunz Group

New Fire Station 80

With growth comes the need for services. Additional fire stations offer increased access to emergency responders, reduced response times, and lower insurance rates for the growing number of Alachua County residents. This prototype approach for four new fire stations planned reduced design fees and demonstrated fiscal responsibility.

Fire Station #80 is the first of the four. These buildings are designed to be a 50-year facility with a metal roof, a sizeable three-vehicle apparatus bay, and all LED lighting. Clearly demarcated zones separate ‘hot’ carcinogen areas from decontamination zones and firefighter residential quarters. Exterior aesthetics include intentional touches such as hip roofs with gables and brick, stone and metal panel finishes that will help the station blend in better near residential neighborhoods.

Stress reduction for our emergency responders is a top consideration inside the building. The residential area features a large day room, all gas appliances, a separate dining area, and can sleep up to ten. The fire alarm system has been updated to a ‘ramping’ alarm to reduce the shock of a sudden siren. The station also features community spaces, including a training room that seats 30-40 and a lobby left unlocked as a safe haven for infant drop-offs.