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UF Basic Science Building’s Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program Triumphs with USGBC People’s Choice Award

The University of Florida (UF) Basic Science Building: Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program received the 2023 U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) People’s Choice Award at the annual Community Leadership Awards ceremony last week.  

The USGBC Community Leadership Awards recognize projects, people, and partners that are working to build sustainable buildings that benefit the communities they are housed in, and the People’s Choice Award is given by the green building community to the favorite among the finalists. 

The Brain Tumor Immunotherapy Program, which is housed on the first floor of the UF Basic Science Building, is just one of many laboratories that were renovated by Scorpio Construction back in 2021. The 13,000 sf renovation included new faculty offices, dry workspace, and a cell and molecular biology wet lab. The innovative redesign also promotes collaborative research through ample lab space adjacent to meeting rooms, allowing for shared equipment and ideas.  

In addition to the new user-friendly space, the project was also certified LEED Gold in January 2023 for its sustainability features including salvaged equipment and recycling efforts, making it UF’s first LEEDv4 Commercial Interiors project.  

At Scorpio, part of our vision is that there should be no building without purpose. The UF Basic Science Building serves and will continue to serve as a hub for cancer research for years to come, and we are honored to receive the 2023 USGBC People’s Choice Award.