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9th St. Urban Walkway and 4th Ave. Utility Underground

Large infrastructure project with stakeholders including city agencies, private developers, local utility providers, businesses and residents.

UF Substation #2 Cable & Switchgear Replacement

Substation 2 Cable and Switchgear Replacement is a project for the University of Florida with the main objective to update the electrical...

UF Business Affairs Technical Services Office Renovation

This project was a complete interior renovation of an existing office area located on the ground floor of the University of Florida.

Research village opens at Whitney Lab with another big project on the horizon

This article appeared in the St. Augustine Record Dec 20, 2018. Original can be found here. By Travis Gibson  The newly constructed research village at the University of Florida’s Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience, a project five years in the making, opened earlier this month. The goal of the multimillion-dollar project, which had…

Community Donations Help Boys & Girls Club

TV20 WCJB Posted: Thu 6:46 AM, Nov 29, 2018  |  Updated: Thu 7:01 AM, Nov 29, 2018 WATCH VIDEO GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB)– With the help of several local donors, the Boys and Girls Club in Northwest Gainesville has undergone some improvements. Thanks to several local donors, including Lowe’s, Scorpio and Ashley Furniture Home…

University of Florida College of Education Rehabilitation & Expansion

November Update The Norman Hall rehabilitation and expansion is moving along nicely, with the Education Library currently open for use. The renovations are continuing to improve infrastructure, as well as enhance the Norman Hall experience for students, faculty and staff. Watch the video here.

Travis Wall – The Artist.

How did you get started in the construction industry?

As a teenager, I was unsure of what I wanted to do. I  didn’t care much for school and I was anxious to be out on my own. So I went looking for a job. I remember walking up to the superintendent on a pretty good size project and asked if they needed any help. He hired me and I started working for minimum wage sweeping the floors.  But I was happy to have the job. I worked there for 4 months and was then hired by a carpentry firm and taught how to build. I never looked back.

Tell me about your job? What does an average day look like?

Nearly every day is busy, which is how I like it. The work is pretty fun (most of the time). As with any job it has its ups and downs. Some days can be average when you are just plugging away making sure things are executing on time. Other days can have long hours. I am have grown accustomed to working weekends when the project doesn’t allow for any downtime. But over the course of the year, it mostly balances out.

What do you love most about your work?

The part of the job that I find the most fun is training the next generation. It is hard to put a value on taking your personal experience and education and passing it down. I love watching the new guys, and girls, master something and then be able to teach someone else. Giving someone the tools they need to provide for their families and make a career for themselves is pretty awesome. To me, it is part of leaving a legacy.

What advice do you have for students considering a career in construction?

This is a great career choice. If you decide to pursue the industry, always be prepared, show up on time and be willing to learn. Know that it’s ok not to know everything.  Stay engaged and have a passion for what you do and there is no doubt you will succeed.

Education is a great foundation if you have the good fortune to complete high school or even go to college. But even if you don’t, there is still a way. With effort, respect, integrity, and the willingness to BELIEVE in yourself, there are no obstacles that are insurmountable.

I have a favorite saying that sums up my feelings about a career in this industry:

“If you work with your hands then you are just a worker. If you work with your hands and your mind then you can consider yourself a craftsman. But if you work with your hands, your mind and your heart then that makes you an ARTIST!”