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UF Whitney Lab for Marine Science Research Village Expansion

This project will expand capacity at the University of Florida Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience in St. Augustine.

University of Florida College of Education Library Renovation

The College of Education Library Renovation gave this widely used facility a complete make-over. 

University of Florida Katie Seashole Pressly Softball Stadium

The new Katie Seashole Pressly Softball Stadium will consist of 360 degree open concourse seating connected across the entire stadium

Ricky Buxton – A Career of Pride and Passion

As part of Careers in Construction Month, Scorpio has asked our team to share their stories about how and why they chose a career in construction. Our next profile is Ricky Buxton, General Superintendent and Quality Assurance Manager. Ricky is actively involved in all Scorpio projects and visits each of…

Aaron Rogers: Dedicated Problem Solver

As part of Careers in Construction Month, Scorpio has asked our team to share their stories about how and why they chose a career in construction. Our first profile is Aaron Rogers, Senior Superintendent. Aaron is currently ensuring the successful delivery of the University of Florida Katie Seashole Pressly Softball…

Scorpio Supports Careers in Construction Month

At Scorpio, the buildings we make are only the beginning. We search for ways to support our community and avenues to build the next generation of our workforce. This is why we proudly participate in the awareness campaign during October, nationally recognized as Careers in Construction Month. With an impending critical shortage…

Being Fierce

Scorpio was fortunate once again to be the presenting sponsor for the 2018 Fierce Awards. Created and administered by Business in Greater Gainesville Magazine, this award honors transformative and inspirational women who have changed the landscape of our community through their entrepreneurial, charitable and executive work. The women who are chosen for this award are characterized by an influence, success and leadership quality that propels them and the Greater Gainesville community to new heights.

This is Scorpio’s second year sponsoring Fierce. There is no denying that it is one of our favorite activities. Not only is it a fun celebration recognizing dynamic women doing great work in a myriad of fields, but also because it shines a light on an important value we share with these women; commitment to our community.

Community Above Self

Not only has each awardee reached a distinguished level of success in their professional lives, but each is a champion of organizations whose missions are to serve others. They demonstrate courage and integrity, not only when pursuing their own personal goals but when working to advance their community. Fierce Awardees realize that working to improve the lives of those for whom the burden is most heavy, while the work is endless, so are the rewards.

Community-Centered Construction is not just a tagline at Scorpio.  It is a shared philosophy that guides us toward partners who, like each of the 25 honorees, move our community forward in unifying and inclusive ways. It is why our partnership with this event means so much to our team.

Take the Time to Celebrate

At Scorpio, we understand how important it is to celebrate a job well done and recognize the combined efforts it takes to successfully reach our goals. As a team, we celebrate these wins together. It gives us a chance to acknowledge the sacrifice and hard work that got us across the finish line. These celebrations recharge us and motivate us to tackle the next challenge that lies ahead.

None of the women honored with a Fierce Award ever sought out this recognition or even a pat on the back, but it is our duty as a community to do just that. To celebrate their achievements and accomplishments, in the hopes of arming them with our collective energy and gratitude so they will continue to go forward and tackle the next challenge that lies ahead. Because they have proven time and again, they are just the woman for the job.

In a world where you can be anything, Be stronger. Be braver. Be kinder. Be unstoppable. But most importantly- Be Fierce.